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Infrastructure Management

Corporate organizations spend substantial capital to build communication and security infrastructure. The infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, basic phone lines, fax lines, cell phones, PDAs, data circuits, PBX, VoIP infrastructure, operating systems, email servers, system access security, web servers, audio & video conferencing, door access security, utilities etc.

Multiple vendors provide services to a corporation with various contractual durations and promotions. Employee turnover, location changes, growth and downsizing, migration to newer services, department budgets and cost allocation, vendor cost control and auditing, centralized network and site security, and provisioning of employee services are the major ongoing issues for any organization. The complexities require an organization to have centralized telecom and utility infrastructure management.

Corporate Infrastructure

Cadebill provides the solution with its convergent billing, vendor audition and network provisioning capabilities. Web based interfaces for employees and departments provide online features, password changes and ability to look up the usages. For HR, finance and other Administrative functions, Cadebill provides a solution to view and control and distribute the costs by employee and departments and audit the vendors. Network administrators can use a single interface to view the network, and possibly control the network elements from a single location depending on the level of integration with provisioning platforms.