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Telecom Billing | BSS OSS | Convergent Charging

Telecom, ISP & Utilities

Cadebill has several large successful VoIP installations. Cadebill is fully integrated with several VOIP platforms.


Cadebill offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing interconnect operations of all sizes.


Cadebill is a billing platform that allow definition of Energy sector billing in a dynamic user definable data and rules.


Cadebill provides the solution with its convergent billing, vendor auditing and network provisioning capabilities.

Hosted Solutions

Cadebill is available either as hosted (SaaS) model or licensed model.

  • Cadebill is an integrated solution for all facets of a telecom business – starting from telecommunications billing needs to managing the entire operation.
  • A convergent charging and telecom billing solution that meets the needs of integrated solution for voice, data, and content, prepaid and postpaid convergence, on fixed, mobile, cable, and IP networks.
  • Programmable and flexible software platform architecture facilitates in rapidly offering innovative telecom products and services to the market.
  • Operational Support System (OSS) provides complete automation and integration with any platform. Real time integrated provisioning with several platforms.
  • Integrated CRM solution provides flow through Order Entry, Provisioning and Billing.
  • Revenue Assurance solutions provides a real time view of revenue, cost and profitability.
  • An integrated customer web portal for online bills, provisioning and trouble ticket. EBPP provides complete automation of bill presentation and payment.
  • Open APIs allows integration with provisioning platforms, external systems, third party systems.
  • Process driven architecture allows for driving the entire operation with Business Process Management (BPM) methodology.
  • Cadebill provides a solution with lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Cadebill is suitable to small carrier to very large operation.
  • Cadebill is available as hosted solution or a licensed solution.

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Why Cadebill

Better accuracy

Faster rollouts with better accuracy

Cadebill provides a quicker path to adapt quickly to market changes without having to worry whether your software platform is capable of the dynamic requirements.


Eliminate redundancy and inefficiency

Cadebill provides a variety of integrated modules to support all functional areas of your business through automation and process controlled data flow. Eliminate redundant, islands of different systems by consolidating to a single platform that talks the same language.

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with low TCO

Cadebill streamlines and automates common operational processes that reduces CAPEX/OPEX with lower TCO, higher ROI and increased customer satisfaction.

Customer success

Committed to customer success

Cadebill provides the products and solutions taking your business to the next level. We are committed to excellence in everything we do to help you achieve excellent results.

Our Customers

Some of our valuable customers across different telecom and utility industries

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